Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: Omega Replica Anniversary Master Chronometer 38mm

This unique watch, like the sister film mentioned above, was released in 1957 for scientists and technicians who work in strong electromagnetic fields. It competes directly with similarly developed watches, such as Milgauss Rolex in 1956 and IWC Ingenieur in 1954, which focus on the use of railroad workers and derive its name from it. The original Railmaster, the CK 2914, made itself the magnetically preferred watch of choice with a 1000 Gauss magnetism through a copper finished movement, a double-skinned case, a super-thick dial and an iron dust remover. However, this Cheap Omega Replica piece of work did not have as much appeal as its 57 competitors or contemporaries, nor did it retain its power, ending the production in 1963. In recent years, this series has been revived many times in a short period of production operation and returned to the market in 2017 as a special old-fashioned tribute to commemorate its 60th anniversary.

The new version of the Omega Tower 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Observatory Table is a 38 mm, highly clear steel tribute to history. The work’s features are updated with modern finishes and a more sturdy structure in the case of a matching steel bracelet angle, buckled with vintage-style Omega Replica Watches logos. Its black dial, found in the simple, flat-faced bezel tradition of railroad masters, uses Artificial Charm Super-LumiNova detail on its printed triangular and wide-arrow phones. Among other dial features, you’ll notice the vintage Omega logo on the top of the dial with the cursive railroad track logo at the bottom, the white minute track printed between hour signs, and the one-quarter hour Arabic numerals.

Omega has been leading the market in vintage fashion for the past few years and this latest version of The Railroad Master is again the brand’s expertise in historical contributions and modern development. At 38mm, this modern reissue is aesthetically similar to the original CK 2914 not only in size but in its dial configuration, vintage logo, case and bracelet style. In addition to finishing techniques and modern manufacturing capabilities, not all primary watches have a hippocampus on the back cover, except for the “primary” distinction, and most original Omega Replica have a small “Y” symbol called the Naiad crown Designed to help improve water resistance. However, since the hippocampus is one of the most iconic elements in retro works and the crown of Naiad is no longer used, neither of these two changes is so relevant.

For me, the classic armored car is one of Omega’s most fascinating works of history – hidden in the shadow of the famous Hippocampus 300 and the Super, but its lack of public appeal among the old Cheap Omega Replica collectors. As its name and historical purpose indicate, the original railway master was a utilitarian work. Those who need long-lasting watches can use this watch to withstand some of the pressure of their work. This modern redistribution work to guide this original purpose and design, but in a luxurious package to appeal to old-fashioned lovers. Now, what is not republished remains the only watch in the history of the brand that may have a greater sense of mystery, Ranchero. If Omega plans to continue growing in retro style, then it may have considered re-launching the watch in 2018 to commemorate its 60th anniversary.

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