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Why is waterproof Rolex Submariner Replica Watches water?In general, rolex replica water-resistant is not equal to not into the water.Wearing rolex watches a bath for rolex watch waterproof aprons are detergents and other chemicals corrosion will accelerate ageing, waterproof effect is lost.And change of temperature difference is bigger, in the rainy season, the relatively high humidity in the air, such as sauna, air-conditioned room, can create Rolex Submariner Replica Watches into water vapor.With rubber aprons with the passage of time gradually aging, waterproof properties decreased gradually, once found that rolex watch into the water, should be timely to the authorized repair station for processing, lest cause parts rust, shorten the service life of the watch.
Rolex Submariner Replica Watches water treatment methodWatch is a means of instruments, watches inside the light is more than hundreds of large and small parts, delicate do manual work at the same time, appreciate the watch to watch love is also a headache for many table fans of one thing, mechanical watch three places to water: 1, the table cover and table 2, table between the handle and the table body between 3, between back cover and the table body, although we careful protection, but there are always many man-made accident happens, small make up for you to sort out some maintenance watch common sense – when you love table into the water after the if handled correctly.
Method one: if you have a wet Rolex Submariner Replica Watches is not too serious, can use a few layers of toilet paper or easy to moisture absorption of the flannelette bag tight closely, about 15 centimeters in near 40 watts of light bulbs, bake for about 30 minutes, the water vapor in the table can be moisture.Avoid by all means will watch table near the fire baking directly, lest make table thermal deformation.Method 2: with granular silica gel and water watch together in an airtight container, hours later, remove the watch, the water is all but disappear.This method simple and economic, accuracy and life of the table are without any damage.Has water absorption after many times of silica gel, and can be dry for several hours under 120 ℃, water absorbing capacity of renewable, also can be used repeatedly.Method 3: the table itself, pan out, anti wear on your wrist, water can be removed after two hours.If water is serious, immediately send best watch shop clean oil, remove moisture movement, in order to avoid rusting parts.HengYun watch net remind everybody: when choosing a watch must be cautious, not only should fully understand the surface of the watch with and without defects, should ask more after-sales service, is such and such problems can not get timely maintenance.