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patek philippe replica watch is often referred to as ringing automatic watches, inherited many hour meter long and fine tradition, is regarded as the most complicated watch of wrist of the time.In terms of complexity behind size from 3 q table, but three chimes ringing q table can be set in minutes.In most cases, patek philippe replica watch did not use other complex functions, because of its complicated mechanical structure to occupy the space of wrist patek philippe replica watch is.Any wrist wear or hand three ask table will witness the amazing magic, can hear without look at wrist watch tell the time.As with most things in life, the birth of the invention can achieve the necessary stems from its use.The time watch is no exception.Light, or we now known as the electric light, are relatively new invention of convenience.Hundreds of years ago, want to know the specific time is not easy in the middle of the night.Installed the time clock mechanism, can quote us the most close to the hour, and in some cases can also quote us the most close to a quarter of an hour’s time.But when people rests, the clock every hour or minute Zhong Mingzhong time may have an impact on sleep.So, no need to light a candle or a light method can develop a more appropriate time to see the time.First time watch was “dumb” asked three table, on the hour by simply blow watchcase to silent time, only when you hold the wrist can feel it in time.At the time, usually within the watches back cover attached a table bell and hammers are available, and the first time the watch was so then born.This innovation not only brings the wrist watch can tell the time by the hour, also create a quarter of an hour time (q), and half an hour (half an hour to ask) watch tell the time.In the early 19th century, A.L.B reguet and tabulation team devised by hour, a quarter of an hour and minute time watches, using a set of spring reel notes on behalf of the bell, not only save the space can also be a different tone.Mechanical structure to the end of the 19th century, three scheduling after perfect improvement has evolved into the configuration of the now.Due to 3 q table under mechanical structure are almost located on the dial (there are a few exceptions) in order to provide the best physical location.So in addition to the watchmaker, in rare sapphire surface on the wrist, is almost can’t see the mechanical structure and drive.To tell the time accurately and in time, many functions will be rapid succession, so if you want to see three ask table operation will have certain difficulty.A mechanical structure to three scheduling will be made up of more than 100 unique and essential parts, and each parts must be made with very strict tolerance standards.To achieve accurate ringing tone and rhythm, not only need to use the most accurate manufacture technology, skilled watchmakers must also make many minor adjustments.Sound spring instead of only a single tone vibration table.However, the sound of spring tone is relatively small clever, spirit ear dab hand is needed to reveal the true characteristics of the it.Most of the three asked the assembly table, there are two sound of spring, every sound spring must pass a skilled watchmakers manual adjustment, which can realize the harmonious resonance.In order not to excessive hitting sound spring, also have to adjust alone each hammer percussion, lest the sound spring beyond the load.Important era in creating 3 q table, hand, ear of sensitivity is very important.In this case, the hammers and any time some striking parts of watches, must knock sound spring.As a typical three ask table usually contains two notes in the spring, so there will be two hammers accordingly.The weight of each hammers must match the corresponding sound spring.In addition, more importantly, control each hammers spring force must maintain accurate proportion with the weight of the hammers, otherwise it will cause the voiced such as tone is too weak or too strong.Master watchmaker to hammers, on the other hand, the adjustment of the spring is an important part of cultivating quality to achieve the three scheduling.Now set the harmonics, the steps are as follows.Rap bass hour clock spring report first, and then tap spring report two notes reappeared, tap on a high-pitched sound spring report last minute.For example, if the time is 10:52, 3 q table will knock ten times the bass clock spring, and then tap on a clock spring said a high-pitched and low-pitched voice within an hour of the third quarter of an hour, finally tap on a high-pitched sound reed said moment Zhong Guo 7 minutes.The ringing time program is complete.The homophonic looks be like simple, but the mechanical structure is highly demanding skills, hand must be very sensitive ears.Table at the core of each of the three ask are “minutes scroll wheel”.Contains four leaves, each leaf with 14, can track the minutes of every hour.But wait a minute, 14 x4 is only 56 minutes, what is the meaning of this?Well, the answer is not what mystery.Four times per hour, and at the beginning of every quarter of an hour there will be no tap report minutes, because in this four times, every quarter of an hour to start the first minute of the not yet finished.Except minutes scroll wheel and the other two scroll wheel, its function is similar to the three asked the brains of the table.With 4 “reappeared the scroll wheel is responsible for the calculation of quarter of an hour, and has 12 levels of scroll wheel” hour “is responsible for hours.It is this three scroll wheel and its associated rack to 3 q table sound, let its implementation perfectly to accurately tell time.Create a quality of wicked three ask table no shortcuts.Most watchmaker, think it is the toughest single complex process of a TAB;Everything must to perfection to create accurate knock the joyful and perfect.So only by Mr. Stern will personally to each piece of patek philippe asked three tables for the sound check approved, would record for another successful patek philippe replica watch masterpiece
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