Apple in October sold a smart Replica Watches

Apple in October sold a smart Replica Watches monthly from 300 to 5000000.

According to Al Jazeera television website reported on June 7th, the Apple Corp to sell the first smart Replica Watches , in October this year at the same time, the company will be ready to the number of monthly production of the new intelligent watch control between 3000000 and 5000000.

Japanese media “Nikkei news” quoted industry professionals said, related properties of Replica Watches are still in the final stages of development. It is reported, the Replica Watches can be collected on health data including sleep activity, calorie consumption, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels.

Since the Samsung GalaxyGare series smart Replica Watches , Apple’s R & D center spent a lot of time dedicated to intelligent watch.

Because this year the stock market downturn, the Wall Street wanted apple to launch a new product to put the stock price decline trend, re established five years dominance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that this year the company will launch new products, but Apple refused to comment on this news.

The world cup with Replica watches

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