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In June 12th, shell announced the two generation GEAK Replica watches shell smart rolex replica . will be officially released in June 20th.

It is reported, the smart rolex replica . two generation GEAK Watch the original use of the circular dial, this also let it get in Google before moto 360, become the world’s first intelligent watch round appearance.

Nut shell electronics CEO Gu Xiaobin said, “the intelligent Replica watches two generation GEAK Replica watches are cause of appearance design of the circular is the most important attribute, we think smart watch is a fashion and texture of the watch, and then consider the intelligent property.” This also means that the change of shell electron will lead the smart watch from a digital “toy” toward “intelligent” and “watch” inheritance spirit of consumer products.

In addition, according to the circular dial, nut shell electronics optimized work very much in the operating system, UI and interaction, at the same time in the function of intelligent mobile phone more prominent relative advantage, the main selling point to control and set the center + intelligent equipment to remind.

At present, in addition to round dial outside, other details about the shell smart Replica watches the two generation GEAK Replica watches including the hardware specification, function, price and so on have not yet been released, but Gu Xiaobin said, June 20th debut of the shell smart watch two generation GEAK Watch will definitely let a person shine at the moment.

Display the largest search engine Baidu published the first “wearable device user demand research report”, the intelligent watch has occupied 7.4% market share, is the only one in the list of domestic intelligence watch brand, up to now, sales volume first generation shell smart watch more than 500000 blocks.

It is understood, nut shell electronics is the first smart dress manufacturer, is ranked seven intelligent wear manufacturers, in the smart rolex replica, according to the scale of calculation, the fourth highest in the world.

Rolex replica and Pebble monopoly market share replica watches uk over 90%

NPD pointed out in the report, since last October, America smart watch market is $96000000. Among them, SamSung electron captures the share of 78%; Pebble was about 18% of the share. NPD did not disclose the ownership of the remaining 4% share, but believe Sony and Qualcomm will occupy a small part of the share. Replica watches points out that, during this period of time, smart replica watches nearly 1/3 sold in the holiday shopping season last year.
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Consumers of replica watches uk have not fully accept the intelligent Rolex replica watch. Recent polls show NPD, only 20% of consumers to buy smart watch interest. The vast majority of respondents were pointed out, the price is the limiting factor for intelligent watch ranked first. But with the smart watch declining prices, the industry may usher in the growth.
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Although Samsung Electronics and Pebble currently ruled replica watches uk market, but with the apple rumors of the wearable device iWatch listed at the end of the year, the current market situation may occur changes in turn the world upside down. The success of the smart watch health monitor and conventional apple touch together, can easily let Samsung lost America intelligent replica watch market leading position.

Vc firm Charles River Ventures partner, Pebble’s first institutional investor George Zachari (George Zachary) said Wednesday, Pebble has $43000000 in revenue in 2013, this year is expected to achieve double. Pebble has previously said, the company sold 400000 smart replica watches in the last year.

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JUN 10 2014
In 1993 May the French festival in Hong Kong first open the curtain, has become Asia’s largest French art and culture anniversary festival. The French replica watches uk Fair “Paris French time” by the French in Hong Kong and Macao consul general Mr Arnaud Bathelemy, the French clocks and Micro Technology Association President Mr Pascal Bole promote exhibition held, the time is in May 19th -6 month 2 days.
This exhibition will take us into the time tunnel, understanding how France to become the birthplace of mechanical clock and watch making, how excellent tradition and after hundreds of years of extraordinary ability to influence the world today and continue. As a leader in the French brand replica watches uk.
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