Microsoft smart Replica Watches to the curved screen can monitor the heart rate

The message says, a few months ago in public suspected intelligent Replica Watches Microsoft design, rumors of the intelligent Replica Watches now in New York test. The news that the rectangular dial watch with a slender, appearance is similar to the Samsung Gear Fit. A curvature of the display design in the wrist, can be closely attached to the wrist.

GearLive says smart Replica Watches the design style flat, similar to the Current Windows 8, windows Phone and Xbox, although the Replica Watches the screen resolution is not high. The devices can be found and Bluetooth 4 technology, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS, also joined the skin current sensor in the Replica Watches.

Some users said it is a “in order China fitness wristbands”. Forbes recently said in a news release, Kinect engineers are using this smart watch, but the watch focus on health detection.

The mobile Internet market, Microsoft slow slow slow step by step, that step, stick to the Jiangshan gradually loss, new field fight a bloody battle, also can win the poor market. Therefore, the emerging field of equipment can be worn, Microsoft couldn’t wait, must act now, Samsung products already on the market, and get a good response, apple is a storm brewing momentum, Google has been one step ahead, Microsoft not lag behind. But from the news, the smart Replica Watches prominent is the curved screen, in addition to some health functions, such as heart rate monitoring, and not too prominent feature. Thus, time to market and price positioning is the key.

Apple released the IOS version 8 and Rolex Replica common market!

June 09,2014. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco WWDC2014 USA California center Moss (Moscone Center) the curtain. No doubt, the software system is the most important issue WWDC2014 Apple conference, the conference Apple officially released the latest version of iOS system version iOS8, the official version will fall before the official push, estimation and Rolex Replica’s new product to come out, this is also confirmed in the hand.

Great changes have taken place in the last year, Rolex Replica released thoroughly to remould oneself when the whole system, to materialize and high light rendering, into the design style flat and colorful, the conference the new iOS8 extension of the iOS7 style, just based on the original style to do some local and details of the optimization, improve and perfect, more pleasant.

Host level quality and Metal Technology.

Metal technology for A7 chip design, means that iPad Air, iPhone 5S and Rolex Replica can enjoy this wonderful picture. If a picture is the pursuit of the game player for surely there will be unable to hold oneself back to iOS8.

Unreal Engine developer Epic Games made a special trip to demonstrate Metal technology, showing the “Rolex Replica” Demo. The demonstration of Demo in the cherry blossom petals left a deep impression to the person, not to mention the water effect is beautiful and is said to be “fish each have their own AI”. If not witnessed, you simply can not imagine this is a tablet computer can achieve.

Apple in October sold a smart Replica Watches

Apple in October sold a smart Replica Watches monthly from 300 to 5000000.

According to Al Jazeera television website reported on June 7th, the Apple Corp to sell the first smart Replica Watches , in October this year at the same time, the company will be ready to the number of monthly production of the new intelligent watch control between 3000000 and 5000000.

Japanese media “Nikkei news” quoted industry professionals said, related properties of Replica Watches are still in the final stages of development. It is reported, the Replica Watches can be collected on health data including sleep activity, calorie consumption, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels.

Since the Samsung GalaxyGare series smart Replica Watches , Apple’s R & D center spent a lot of time dedicated to intelligent watch.

Because this year the stock market downturn, the Wall Street wanted apple to launch a new product to put the stock price decline trend, re established five years dominance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that this year the company will launch new products, but Apple refused to comment on this news.