Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ‘Big Blue’ GMT Replica Watches

Omega must be mentioned. In 2013, it launched the Subaru “The Dark Wings of the Moon”, and in my opinion it should be considered one of the most important watches in history recently. At that time, ceramics have been widely used in the watchmaking industry, but Speedmaster “The Dark Wings of the Moon” has used ceramics, almost all over ceramics, except for sports, the entire case, crown, putter, buckle, and even dial Made of ceramic. Since then, Omega Replica Watches has been trying more ceramics in the way, and this new hippocampus planet Ocean “Big Blue” watch is the latest ceramic creation.

If you think that using ceramics in a watchmaking is justified. If you use stainless steel, gold or platinum and other more typical material to produce Omega Replica, then it may be scratched. For those who do not like scratches, this is a problem. Enter the ceramic case. Because the ceramic is so sturdy and scratch resistant, it is actually scratch-resistant. In other words, ceramic watches are more likely to keep without scratches and keep the original appearance.

The new Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” is Omega’s latest full set of ceramic watches. In essence, this is the blue version of the Cheap Omega Replica series last year, but the highlight here is the blue ceramic case. Omega said it was the first time they were completely made of blue ceramic.

Like the Planet Ocean Deep Black watch, the new Seamaster Planet Ocean “Big Blue” is made of monolithic blue ceramic. Bezel, crown and dial are made of the same blue ceramic material. This is a large Cheap Replica Watches, the size is 45.5mm wide, just below 18mm, but because it is made of stainless steel made of ceramic, it should be felt on the wrist light. Waterproof is a powerful 600 meters, and there is a helium release valve. In other words, this is a serious professional diving watch.

The watch is equipped with Omega’s Master Chronometer Caliber 8906, with 60 hours of power storage and silicon balance spring. Certified by METAS and COSC. This means that it is an accurate and reliable timer, in fact it also has a magnetic field of up to 15,000 gauss. This movement is very perfect, you can enjoy the back of the display. The back of the display is tightened, but in particular it has features that Omega calls the Naiad locking system. Basically, it is a locking system that ensures that all the engravings on the back of the watch are kept in the correct position and correctly oriented. This clearly shows the degree of detail of Replica Watches.

Blue continues to be the fashion color of watch buyers, I think the new Omega hippocampus planet Ocean “big blue” will enter the hands of many Cheap Omega Replica fans and diving watch lovers. For those who have been interested in last year’s “Planet Ocean Deep Black” watch readers, this new blue watch will undoubtedly make you think. I think that compared with last year’s “Planet Ocean Deep Black” watch, this watch has a more interesting look and atmosphere, which may be more appropriate because it is a big watch, after all, big watches should be a more cry And noticeable.