Omega Replica Watches Introduction

OMEGA is an internationally renowned luxury watchmaking company and brand, and the word “omega” stands for the symbol “Ω”. Founded by 23-year-old Louis Brandt in 1848 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Omega Replica marks the glorious achievements in the history of watchmaking, leading the way in the industry with its delicate watches. With its advanced watchmaking technology, Omega Replica becomes a pioneer in the watch industry for one hundred and fifty years.

Britain’s Royal Flying Corps chose Omega Replica watches in 1917 as its official timekeepers for its combat units, as did the American army in 1918. Omega Replica watches were the choice of NASA and the first watch on the Moon in 1969. Omega Replica has been the official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games since 1932. The famous hero of the 007 movie series, i.e. James Bond has worn it in films since 1995; other famous Omega Replica wearers, past and present, include John F. Kennedy, Prince William, and Buzz Aldrin.

When Omega was founded by Louis Brandt in 1848, he assembled key-wound precision pocket watches from parts supplied by local craftsmen. He sold his watches from Italy to Scandinavia by way of England, his chief market. After Louis Brandt’s death in 1879, his two sons Louis-Paul and César, troubled by irregular deliveries of questionable quality, abandoned the unsatisfactory assembly workshop system in favour of in-house manufacturing and total production control.

Their first series-produced calibres, Labrador and Gurzelen, as well as the famous Omega calibre of 1894, would ensure the brand’s marketing success.