How to identify the model of Rolex Replica

![rolex replica][1]
1, The digital resolution series
Rolex Replica Watches are generally 5 digits, if the product upgrade will be based on the original front with a “1”, if the upgrade again may put the “1” to “2”, to maintain 6 digit. Rolex watch material can be identified by the last digit, from 0-9 respectively represent the different materials of the watch, as long as you remember that you can easily identify the Rolex replica watch material. For example, the product model for 116710LN, is a type of iterative upgrade products lose in front of a number corresponding to the 167 II.

2, The characteristics of letters
After the Rolex replica watch product number of letters also represents a different meaning. Or type 116710LN Rolex watches, watch it two letter LN means black outer ring.

3, The last two words watch circle
See the letter before a figure of 0 represents all steel products, finally see the last second digits of 1 words on behalf of plane rotating bezel.

4, The buckle in letters at the year of production
In addition we said before some types of products, we can also see some of the Rolex replica watches lettering buckle, such as EO8 that is the representative in 2007 8 watches.