Large pilot series IW502802 man mechanical watches-IWC replica watches

Highly renowned in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the little prince, children’s literature, popular howson IWC replica watches special launch large pilot perpetual calendar watch “the little prince” special edition – universal IWC – large pilot series IW502802 man mechanical watch, to pay tribute to the legendary writer, French pilots in Anthony st YiXiu hk’s world famous works.Large pilot perpetual calendar watch “the little prince” special edition is elegant demeanor and top mechanical tabulation skills model of perfect fusion.Watch of wrist of the new special edition set a number of technology, including the function is strong, with bielefeld, automatic chain system and the 7 day power reserve the IWC IWC homemade 51613 movement. IWC replica watches 7 day power reserve strong momentum in the dial “at 3 o ‘clock position to display, emphasizes the powerful movement highly effective.It has enough power to push many clocks complex functions, such as date, week, month and four digital display calendar year.All of the display can be through the crown easily operation, and automatic calibration.Calendar until 2100 need to through the watchmaker set-up IWC replica watches, because 2100 is not a leap year, this is different from four years a leap of traditional.On the dark blue dial, distinctive cockpit design and significantly more low-key calendar display comparative and intense, but complement each other.Large pilot perpetual calendar watch “the little prince” special edition will display the classical phases of the moon for the first time into the IWC IWC big pilot series wrist watch.In watch window of the moon IWC replica watches, the moon is the image of the deck to the little prince is vivid, the little prince is a man standing in his little planet, staring at the starry night sky.The image of the little prince to saint YiXiu hk, is based on the famous illustrations drawn by myself, in this illustration also decorated in its most famous works in “the little prince” on the cover.