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High Quality Omega x Swatch BioCeramic Speedmaster MoonSwatch

A series of 11 timepieces in a variety of colors, all based on the Omega Speedmaster Professional Replica case and design, each inspired by a different body in our solar system. Reactions ranged from pure joy to utter confusion to misplaced rage. No matter the reaction, they were big, and reached well beyond the confines of the watch enthusiast crowd.

One known for accessibility, irreverence, and color, the other for luxury, quality, and perhaps the most iconic watch ever produced. A watch that is synonymous with one of humankind’s greatest achievements.

A Best Price For Omega Replica revered by many, but available to few, reconceived to be accessible at large. A blow to the exclusivity and elitism that surrounds watch collecting like a bad smell.


The Speedmaster’s twisted lug case is the stuff of legends. It has remained largely untouched since replacing straight lug Omega Professional Replica in 1963, and for good reason. It’s exotic, sensual, and can be beautifully finished to a luxurious effect. It’s also proven. It went to the friggin Moon.

Though typically made of steel, it has been rendered in everything from titanium to precious metals to ceramics* in its near 60 years of production. Now, in 2022, a new material gets added into the mix, the unexpected Bioceramic, so let’s take a quick look at what that is.

Other than the color, the case itself is largely what you expect from the Speedmaster “Pro” style. Coming in at 42mm x 47.2mm x 13.2mm, it’s almost exactly the same as the current co-axial Speedmaster. And other than the weight, wears just about the same as well. That is to say, it fits great.

The Omega Replica Watches Swiss Movement is one of the most wearable “42mm” watches because that dimension takes into account the asymmetrical right side of the case. This isn’t news to Speedy fans, but for those out there entering the Speedyverse via the MoonSwatch, it’s very worth noting.

In fact, a better dimension for the case is 39.8mm, which is the diameter of the bezel. When you look down at the watch, this completely flat surface is more dominant than the edge of the mid-case.

You don’t miss out on any of it. And whether in steel, platinum, or bioceramic, it’s gorgeous. I will say the lack of contrasting polished surfaces does change the dynamic feel of the twisted lugs, but polished plastic tends to look a bit cheap, so going full satin/matte was likely a good choice.

The crystal, too, lacks nothing in terms of shape (or how easy it is to scratch, regrettably). The crown and pushers are in line with Fake Omega Watches Ebay standards as well, with the crown just about matching the diameter of the Speedy Pro. One slight adjustment is that the pushers are set a bit wider on the MoonSwatch as per the movement.


If the case is a close recreation of the Omega Speedmaster Replica Big Sale, save color, the dial is a loose interpretation.They still draw closely from the Speedmaster language, but, especially in terms of color, they are their own thing.

Around the outer edge of the dial is an index of thin black lines the same weight and seemingly length as that of the Speedmaster Pros. Interestingly, there are ⅓ second marks, like on the 3861 model, though the chronograph seconds hand only ticks once per second.At the hours are rectangular lumed bars, with the signature dots at the base of the marker at 12. The markers at two, six, and ten are shorter than normal to accommodate the subdials.

A 60-minute counter is actually a great feature. It’s much more useful than a 30-minute counter, especially High Quality Omega Replica Watch when there is no 12-hour counter. But to leave out the individual minute marks makes it kind of useless, unless you happen to land on a mark, or are just using it as a general indicator of passing time.


The case back does have the ETA shield, along with the V8, indicating it’s a Swiss-origin movement, and four jewels. Given this ambiguity, what you have is clearly a chronograph with hour, minute and chrono seconds hands around the center of the dial. The Replica Watches Online second hand ticks every second when activated by the pusher at two o’clock.

Another cool feature, although common in quartz, is the built-in split timer. While this does not have a second hand associated with the split-second hand, by pressing the reset button while the chronograph is running, the Best Omega Replica Watch second hand will freeze in place and the 1/10 second hand will jump to the correct chronograph stop. Press it again and the second hand will jump forward, indicating the elapsed time. Rattrapante actually means “to catch up,” and it still applies here.