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At the end of last year, Fake Rolex announced a new line of kings, “back to the Bauhaus” collection. Born between Fake Rolex and the famous German designer Hartmut Esslinger cooperation, business to business improvement of series line introduced some nifty dial color, a “new” font, and re design the case of minor. In the release of Schauer suggests two replica rolex the time, climax and Esslinger of his work. This replica rolex is officially unveiled this year in Basel, this is a stunner. Introducing Stowa frog.
In the past few years, there has been a steady USA modernization Fake Rolex directory. The last review of brand inspiration for both large and small, Stowa decided to buck the trend, so as not to fall into the “watch design now” trap “. First introduced a number of different models, the new Schauer range 1, 24 hours of game time countdown, world time, and the last 2. Then these business to business network. Rana said, trajectory.
In terms of design and manufacturing, Fake Rolex can be said to be one of the most ambitious replica rolex. A complex case, with a new design, can not be produced by conventional processing methods. In the case of the process is a labor intensive for metal injection molding (MIM), which is composed of raw powder and plastic binder, wax into the use of plastic injection molding machine, hollow molding. The resulting products and in the furnace for sintering process is called condensation, the molten metal to the solid density between 96% and 99%, and the process of the metal parts of the classical. Then the form and hand in Stowa high standard workshop.
That is to say, I hope that the future is in line with the price of the replica rolex we used with Stowa. Rana Dynadot mutation is about $3900, and $3520 digit dialing, and it represents the brand’s most expensive directory. At this price, it also requires the replica rolex to enter the competitive market. Some of the price rise is obviously due to the manufacturing process of labor intensive, and some from the modified motion and Observatory certification. Although I am willing to give up the latter a friendly price, I can understand the desire to create quality replica rolex.

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