The Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches

The Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches became famous for its combination of chronograph and slide-rule bezel, though some people feel it wasnt until 1954 that they first became available. The seed for the Breitling replica watches Navitimer was formed when Breitling replica watches & AOPA decided to create a watch with a built-in chronograph and navigation computer (sliderule). The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association consequently decided to make it their official watch resulting in the wing logo appeared on the dial.
By 1960 the Navitimer had become a great success, and its design was altered with the change in dial from black to white, redesigned hands also the AOPA logo on the dial was replaced with the official Breitling replica watches Navitimer logo, a design showing two aircrafts flying in close formation. 1959 to 60 is considered to be a transitionary period for the Navitimer resulting in the release of models combining both new and old features.
In 1961 , Scott Carpenter, one of the original astronauts in the Mercury space program, approached Breitling replica watches with the idea for a watch featuring a 24 hour dial instead of the normal 12 one. This feature being particularly useful due to the lack of day and night during space travel so it could be used to distinguish between midday and midnight. Before Carpenter could use it though it had to pass the rigorous NASA testing to make sure it was suitable for space travel. In May of 1962 astronaut Scott Carpenter went into space on the Aurora 7 wearing a Navitimer that featured a 24 hour indication.
According to Breitling replica watches the first Navitimers were produced in 1952,although it wasn’t Breitling replica watchess first to combine these features it became popular and was utilized by both professional and military pilots due to it being a flight tool capable of making calculations for a flight plan and offering a range of inflight calculations. Using the Navitimer pilots could calculate fuel consumption, rates of ascent, descent, average speed or converting distances. It could even be used to determine exchange rates, useful for when the pilot reached their destination. The name “Navitimer” is a combination of the words Navigationa and Timer.

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