What’s In a Name Of Omega Replica?

OMEGA Replica is the most famous luxury Replica watch brand on the planet, of course, the most famous on earth. From the NASA of the Olympic Games will be in the James Bond, not to mention like Chaoba, hippocampus and sign, brand has been the well deserved rock star status in the watch lovers everywhere. There are 10 things you should know about OMEGA Replica watches.
1. What’s the relationship between the name?
In 1848, Luis Brandt founded the company, will become OMEGA Replica in La Chaux de fonds, switzerland. 1877, his son Paul Lewis and C SAR joined his company and renamed Brandt Lewis. 1894, the company produced a new sport proved to be a global success, thanks to its timing accuracy and ease of maintenance. The sport is called OMEGA Replica caliber, and its success is like this: 1903, the company name changed to Luis Brandt and FR re – OMEGA watches limited, and OMEGA Replica brand was born.
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