How fine fake watches? How to maintain the fake watches??

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Fake watches are high imitation version of genuine watches, although not the original watch but if not carefully look really distinguish not to come out. A Fake watch also need daily maintenance, following small series to introduce Fake watches watches and Fake watches watch maintenance.
Fake watches are some small watch manufacturers rely on imitation and innovation imitation of the mainstream brands of products at a very low cost in appearance or function (like variety show star Mo Fangxiu), and innovation, the final full beyond the product appearance, function, price and other aspects of the watch.
How to identify the pros and cons of Fake watches
To distinguish the merits of Fake watches table has four main features, modeling is not according to the original proportion of the table to do it, 1.1:1 is basically the original form and proportion, the shape is wider than the original table. The multifunctional mechanical watch high imitation form due to the installation of domestic ordinary simple movement, so it will not achieve the stopwatch and other complex functions, it is easy to distinguish, in the ordinary imitation form surface polishing can be done, but in some small part will be a discount, the most important in the watch movement, non professionals if careful observation of the movement can be seen in domestic common core dark, true differential movement origin and type to professional maintenance point.
How to maintain the Fake watches
In the high-grade imitation watches recommended every two to three years should be appropriate to do maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, detection performance and power consumption as core, cleaning machine, and maintenance of appearance, so the maintenance service. The service will extend the Fake watches watches your use of time.
1, usually best not to wear the same Fake watches, should prepare several different Fake watches watches used alternately, in addition to enrich individual modelling, also can prevent the dust and dirt. In a Fake watches watches. For a leather strap, but be careful Oh. Nursing, so as to avoid every day. To make use of the band often wear pull, so even if the surface of fresh, Fake watches watch looks very old.
2, do not imitate the watch on the power amplifier, audio, TV, computer, so as to avoid the magnetization; do not open the cover to prevent dust into the machine table, affect the normal work of Fake watches watches; don’t be Fake watches watches put in mothballs in the wardrobe, so as not to form oil deterioration.
3, wearing Jingfang watch, hand sweat is corrosive to the case the whole steel case because of Ni Cr alloy, corrosion resistance is better, a steel case is copper, long-term and sweat. Touch, easy corrosion, often with a soft cloth to wipe the sweat orpad plastic table support, in order to prevent the inhibition of invasion by sweat.
4, issued with a refurbished. Fake watches watches Meng was set in a lot of veins, to watch the first one or two drops of water, then squeeze a little toothpaste wipe, will be able to draw lines to remove the watch as new.
5, general machinery and Fake watches watches the tide, can use dry cotton in Fake watches, with a 40 watt bulb, and bake for 5 minutes, and moisture can be evaporated. If the Fake watches quartz electronic watches the tide, desirable pieces of calcium chloride, wrapped with gauze; then open the electronic table cover, to wrap the calcium chloride and the electronic form in an airtight plastic bags or bottles, seal. Generally about 3 hours except tide, the electronic watch back to normal. For serious damp surface may be appropriate to extend the moisture absorption time.


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