Rolex replica and Pebble monopoly market share replica watches uk over 90%

NPD pointed out in the report, since last October, America smart watch market is $96000000. Among them, SamSung electron captures the share of 78%; Pebble was about 18% of the share. NPD did not disclose the ownership of the remaining 4% share, but believe Sony and Qualcomm will occupy a small part of the share. Replica watches points out that, during this period of time, smart replica watches nearly 1/3 sold in the holiday shopping season last year.
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Consumers of replica watches uk have not fully accept the intelligent Rolex replica watch. Recent polls show NPD, only 20% of consumers to buy smart watch interest. The vast majority of respondents were pointed out, the price is the limiting factor for intelligent watch ranked first. But with the smart watch declining prices, the industry may usher in the growth.
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Although Samsung Electronics and Pebble currently ruled replica watches uk market, but with the apple rumors of the wearable device iWatch listed at the end of the year, the current market situation may occur changes in turn the world upside down. The success of the smart watch health monitor and conventional apple touch together, can easily let Samsung lost America intelligent replica watch market leading position.

Vc firm Charles River Ventures partner, Pebble’s first institutional investor George Zachari (George Zachary) said Wednesday, Pebble has $43000000 in revenue in 2013, this year is expected to achieve double. Pebble has previously said, the company sold 400000 smart replica watches in the last year.