The powerful lead of Apple Swiss Replica Watches

Beijing time on September 10, 1:00, the apple at the cooper, Flint theatre (Flint Center held a conference.At the United States apple launched apple swiss replica watches smart products.This marks the company officially entered the wearable product market, and apple tablets in 2010 published for the first time since the new product.
Apple in the conference call Wish We Could Say More is they released at the conference’s first wearable smart devices Apple Watch, released the new Apple smart watches, triggered the scene cheering.But let a person a little surprise, Apple didn’t put the smart swiss replica watches named iWatch, but Apple Watch.
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Before that will be used on the iPhone 6 sapphire screen does not appear on the phone, but in the APPle on the Watch, and the mobile phone, Watch the screen is 2.5 D, the swiss replica watches strap can be replaced, there are 6 different types of buckles strap can choose, including traditional Watch buckle and metal strap
Apple’s smart Watch (Watch) Apple new system multi-function keying
“Traditional” appearance, but the system interface is quite different, the main interface is a series of prototype into a small icon group, rotate knob can magnify the watches.Apple CEO Tim cook said, this is a revolutionary product, traditional swiss replica watches knob – that is, crown was redefined, referred to as the “digital crown”.Although watch support touch, digital crown will undertake major operating.At the same time, crown press ACTS as a home button function, immediately return to the main interface.In addition, the Touch screen can not only Touch, by the Force Touch function, apple swiss replica watches can also identify the Touch.
From the perspective of the scene demonstration, Apple Watch animation effects is very smooth, compared with mobile phones, Apple Watch the operation more simple.Like before a lot of smart watches products, Apple Watch could display notice, call to map, control music playback and receive SMS and quick reply cap.
Health, Apple Watch wore movement situation, through motion sensor records through the bottom of the sensor to monitor heart rate, through the iPhone’s GPS monitoring movement of the distance and time, Apple for the Apple Watch designed a new healthy application, can remind movement, real-time push movement information, record and display data, and Shared with the iPhone these data.
Apple Watch will have three versions, swiss replica watches, Watch Sport and Apple Apple Apple Watch Edition.Watch can and iPhone 6, 6 Plus the iPhone, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5 s connection, watches starting at $349, will be available in early 2015.
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