How to carry out daily maintenance the gold-plated fake rolex watches

Gold-plated fake rolex watches on gold-plated layer is mostly 14 k gold, the gold besides contain 58.5% pure gold, also contains a certain number of silver.Silver and some volatile after the reaction of industrial waste gas in the air, the surface will produce a layer of black silver sulfide film, so that the gold-plated fake rolex watches lost golden sheen.Therefore, wearing a gold watch to avoid exposure to chemicals and waste gas, such as gas, liquefied gas and sulfur soap, and always maintain the gold-plated watch dry and clean.Best use flannel wipe once a week.In addition, the sweat of chloride on gold-plated replica watches has a lot of corrosive, gold-plated rolex replica should be timely to wipe clean with sweat, lest sweat etching watch lost original luster.

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Yellow yellow fake rolex plated layer is composed of copper, zinc, aluminum alloy layer of metal film, if bad maintenance is very easy to lose luster fade.Before wearing yellow plated watch, watch case should be with a clean soft cloth to wipe clean, and no color evenly coated with a layer of nail polish, dry after wearing again, every 1 ~ 2 months after 1 time.After such treatment, not only can keep the plating color of yellow watch, not worn, but also can increase the surface brightness, on a hot summer day at the same time also can prevent sweat and water invasion in the table.
1, detergents chemicals will change the color of gold, so do the cleaning job should take off your jewelry before.

2. Avoid direct contact with perfume, hair gel high volatile substances, otherwise easy to cause the gold fade.

3, should remove the gold when swimming, so as not to encounter water or water, surface chemical changes.

4, keeping the wrapped in cloth, and then into the jewelry box, avoid friction damage each other.

5, gold is soft, easy to deformation, so don’t pull necklaces and other accessories, so as to avoid deformation.

6 in the event of mercury, gold watch it produces chemical reaction, white spots, as long as the alcohol lamp when cleaning the grill for a minute, can return to primary colors.

7, wearing the gold after the stain and dust contamination often lose luster, at this point, as long as gold in a neutral detergent with warm water soak and clean, then wipe dry.

8, protect the luster of the golden watch, can thin the top coated with a layer of nail polish.

9, if the surface has black silver film, salt 2 grams, baking soda, 7 g 8 grams of bleaching powder, 60 ml water, mixture “gold cleaner”, put the gold jewelry in a bowl, pour into detergent, 2 hours later, remove gold jewelry, (the best is not hard water rinse with clear water, buried in sawdust dry, then can wipe with a soft cloth.

10, inlaid stone with a Popsicle or matches roll a piece of cotton, in the mixed liquid of toilet water and glycerol after wet scrubbing the gem its framework, then use flannelette polished ring.Avoid by all means use blade sharp objects to scrape.

11, mixed salt and vinegar as a cleaner, use it to wipe the pure gold jewelry, can make is ever new.

12, toothpaste wipe or with hot thick rice water scrubbing, also can be restored.
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