What’s the reason why the breitling replica watches are going faster?

The four reasons of the breitling replica watches are going faster.
Some people may find that when they put breitling replica watches aside don’t wear breitling replica watches running time is very accurate, but when he was wearing a watch is to walk quickly, they are confusing in this case.They are all normal wear, the motion of intense of didn’t do it, and so on.Watch is going faster, then, what reason be?
What’s the reason why the breitling replica watchesare going faster?Severe bump pendulum
The extent of the breitling replica is going faster is varied from the table, can be in more than 20 SEC/day.When we strenuous exercise can easily make watches appear the phenomenon of no, such as watches torsion pendulum swing is too high, and the external force of violent exercise and utility to the balance wheel, intensified its rotating, watch initiation “into place”,
What’s the reason why the breitling replica is going faster?The watch has been magnetized
There are a lot of mechanical breitling replica interior parts are all steel materials, such as hair, the size of the steel wheel, screw, bearing, the escapement wheel, it is easy to be a magnet magnetization, magnetic field, etc. breitling replica the walking speed is controlled by a balance spring and torsion pendulum, and balance spring is one of the most easy to be magnetized parts.Watch after exposure to magnetic field, hair spring by magnetic, can adsorption adhesion together, make the balance wheel oscillation of the change, and change the gear speed, watch will appear going faster.Symptoms of a lighter, a day will go fast a few seconds, symptom heavier, can walk fast for a few minutes, or even several hours.
If it is found that his watch is going faster, you can find a compass to diagnose the watch will be magnetized.The compass flat on the table, took the watch at close range fast moving back and forth over the compass, and will watch in several directions to try a few times more, as long as the pointer to move, especially deflection very badly, you can judge the watch has been magnetized.Watches are magnetized, best demagnetization processing to the repair shop.At ordinary times maintain a breitling replica, don’t let the watch contact strong magnetic field items, you’d better keep the distance of more than one meter.Don’t put a watch with TV, computers, radios, mobile phones, automatic mahjong table, refrigerator, washing machine, leather bags, speakers, door magnetic buckle.
What’s the reason why the watch is going faster?Caused by the temperature
When the hot weather will be colder than days go quickly.Yes, there are two laws of physics.One is heat bilges cold shrink, hot days, balance spring will some elongation, the everyone wants, so long hair, swing also increases, watch go slow;Conversely, the day is cold, watch can’t walk fast.
There is a common problem, that is the time outside the outer ring to rub hair spring balance spring on the pile, as it is in the facade and the dynamic display, especially the watch was cast to touch before, balance spring after variant most easily out of this situation;This position, depending on what machine the heart, if general ETA class male table machine, powerful position on the left or the wrist breitling replica is easier to display, this situation needs debugging balance spring time outside the outer ring and the hair of the pile, the gap between them should have a reasonable and safe distance, of course, the balance spring quiet round, and a pitch that is certain requirements.
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