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Add a flight team spirit, one hundred: one hundred spirit air stroll (Wingwalkers), can a wing in midair acrobatic displays dance aerobatics team. Lucerne, Switzerland peaceful sky, every year there are 10 consecutive days was awakened by the noise of the plane. Since 1999, one hundred (Breitling) held here every year Breitling replica watches Airshow spirit show (one hundred), the world of professional and amateur flying together. Flying from a tabulation company to organize the party, is unique in the whole world, the reason is actually very simple – this is a famous for manufacturing flight table, therefore prefer the factory of the plane.
Cheap swiss Breitling replica watches ,Let’s start from scratch, the plane was invented in the early 20th century, and in the thirties began to gradually replace the ship, more and more become the most common means of transportation, long distance travel around the world and so designed for pilots watch — walking from special accurate and convenient in the dim light in the cockpit to see the base unit of time, to record instantly minutes time table and even the world to display long area or both tables have been invented.
The earliest flight table from pregnant show to watch, Cartier replica watches (Cartier) insists he built for aviation pioneers Santos series marks the watch. Indeed, the first watch in the early 20th century owners often because flying a plane, car or horse riding, riding a bike in the competition, and will have to watch “firm” on their wrists. In this group of people, the pilot, especially long-distance pilots after the middle of the 20th century, because the body is not too many people in the air can help, almost like the seafarers early transatlantic sailing without watch.
Early flight navigation often borrowed directly from the sea, only a sextant was shrinking the size of the map, such as, replace the box with heavy watch of wrist of flight, of course table. Unlike ordinary watch, as a professional use of the operation of the flight table especially need to be more precise value, as well as more clear minutes reading. So, big dial and massive luminous hands became popular. Set-up in order to facilitate fast, crown was increased, and short time frequently across time zones and instructs the pop up with the world. Given flight cockpit relatively narrow space in many electronic instruments, watches are prone to the phenomenon of magnetization, many manufacturers for flight table also increased the antimagnetic design?
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