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October 14, 2012 – The much-anticipated Shanghai Rolex Masters final awards ceremony commenced cordial reception , Novak Djokovic live performance with wonderful interpretation of the charm of the instant individual sports career. within the Qi Zhong Tennis Center stadium podium , Mr. Diageo cluster government Vice Director Liu Zhigang Hennessy in person Shanghai Rolex Replica Watches Masters champion Novak Djokovic awarded the highest honor of the image of the championship champagne and sparkling trophy to witness the pinnacle moment of court game wiz . Cheers of the audience to let the atmosphere reached a climax , Novak Djokovic hand-held Moet & Chandon champagne and field championship guests to share the thrill of the hearts of the foremost sincere , fanatical spirit of sport and athletics glory once winning witnessed the show of Moet & Chandon utterly fine , this is often the right chance for Moet & Chandon champagne to share with the globe the charm .

Elegant welcome victory , with bright memories companion Moet Chandon , Moet Chandon to require to life’s most vital moments of success and good interpretation of the glory . Her passion for excellence, excitement and festivity temperament perfect interpretation of the spirit and meaning of tennis , the distinctive charm of champagne are additional exciting moments of the championship game and also the atmosphere into a fashion grand climax .

regarding Moet Chandon

because the world ‘s hottest champagne complete , Moet & Chandon since its 1743 origination, has always been a model of accomplishment and charm . Has been supported by Mr. Claude Mo√ęt , Moet Chandon has been leading the trend and produce a celebration to celebrate traditions, such as a knife blade cut champagne bottle with a weapon system , bow ceremony and champagne smashed elegant and charming champagne tower. Mr. Jean-Remy Moet, Moet founder offspring , within the eighteenth century however can promote the complete round the world , creating it the globe ‘s leading complete of respect for China .

Champagne conclusion

Moet & Chandon proud tradition nonmoving in time for the celebration of sharing , the pursuit of quality and success , in addition because the challenges of reality expertise. whether or not celebrating conclusion or sponsored athletics world’s most glamourous sporting events , Moet & Chandon will always be representative of the classic logo athletic achievements .

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