Star also replica watches?

Recently, MEL will jewelry dealer Robert Malone (Robert Maron) to court, refer to each other to sell fake rolex replica for yourself. MEL in 2007, because want to buy some antiques rolex replica met Malone, but in 2010, meyer will one to send a piece of table, was told that “part of the component may be counterfeit. MEL immediately contacted Malone, Malone to give him a refund but said the replica watches no problem. Unfortunately, meyer later found, but there are 7 replica watches is a fake, worth $656000. MEL has purchased replica watches from the Malone’s totaled $5 million.

In the face of meyer’s prosecution, Malone insists he “very candid” to customers. Malone’s lawyer, said: “John mayer’s lawsuit groundless. Mr Malone won’t compensation, and beat him in court.” Reason: MEL already know replica watches contains “fake” parts, but still showed interest in buying. He cites MEL on a BBS message: “anyone who wanted to sell me these table can make a lot of money…… I’ll buy the table, even if some parts are imitation. I just bought as high 0 replicas.”

Charlie Sheen (Charlie Sheen) is publicly supported his friend Malone, says MEL part hides the fact – in fact, MEL obtained huge profits through resale, “what, MEL is going to get back to the more than 60? Ask him how the rest of the 4.4 million investment! Sorry your 100 tables, there are seven is not your favorite!” Then on Twitter Po was a photo of a replica watch and a message: genuine original. Charlie sheen in Malone there is said to have spent more money than MEL. For these “attack”, MEL currently no response.

“Fake” event, those who bought replica watches from the control of the Malone celebrities there. Latest victim is actress Heather, lok Lyle (Heather Locklear), she suspected her ex-husband in 2001 sent her a rose gold rolex replica is false, and filed in the joint. Heather told the media: “when you buy a rolex replica, of course, want to buy are genuine, I spend money is to buy the real thing.” It is said that the replica watches “remarkable” for her. Another scary is a former NBA star Sam Cassell, he already gave expert appraisal table, “bought lundgren, took me a lot of money ($150000).” Can only say, don’t money, also have a keen on gaining petty advantages of the common heart.

“” fake watches case is the latest progress, Charlie sheen says MEL sued his friend is retaliation – in the lobby of Robert Malone, Charlie sheen has supplanted the MEL in the past year, as the cover of rolling stone magazine in one period.

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