Intelligence of rolex replica watches

Raise out an online these two days the controversial smart replica watches, impressively write with sapphire mirror, Swiss replica watches movement, stainless steel watch case bracelet… But the price is only 980, and more excessively is that it must delivery commitment on June 16th, it makes some colleagues doubt its feasibility, such a high standard configuration, the characteristics of the whole solar power, is just two months to get success?
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With full of doubt, small make up one of met Tinsee days Zhang Pengcheng, say hello after I asked him directly, sell 980 is not a loss this rolex replica watch? And let me surprise, for he was very bright and clear, “don’t lose don’t lose, we will control the cost.”
But selling point? “We watch with solar power combining traditional button battery, at any time without charge; the other mirror material fully use foreign watch material, ready to make a buy costly feeling.”
I asked him how do you ensure quality and delivery date on the raise. He said there was a partner in four watches before do OEM OEM, he is responsible for monitoring the watch material and production schedule, then I probably understand why they can afford, promised delivery within two months, all of this he is in a planned way, why use a sapphire, Swiss replica watches movement of these parts, a contract such as fox conn level, from procurement to delivery has strong control. And a clock with 20 years experience, head of the OEM even if again, and so to fix the purchase and production of a watch or do not have what matter.
Zhang Pengcheng himself, however, in China duty free group worked for three years, in the industrial design industry for two years, he has made a 3 d glasses in private, though has turned 30, but never give up their ideals, always think to do their own thing, and firmly believe that: a lot of people don’t wear things on the wrist not because don’t want to wear, but it is not good enough!
“I put the replica watch users located in ‘the striver'”, they need not very rich, but they are in the struggle, they needed a philosophy of life – it’s about health concerns time, they can in the state of combining exertion and rest from further success.
Finally, by the end of the day before yesterday watch formally on the net, raise four partners have spent their can spend money in, but now they just want to conscientiously prepare project can obtain the user’s recognition, and then sent to the user’s hand after two months. They promise they can cash, if there are care about, can further understanding.