Rolex replica sole strategic cooperation hand in hand to open Venice biennale

Rolex replica watches (Rolex replica ) it’s an honor to serve as the 14th international building exhibition – Venice biennale sole strategic partner and officially designated hour meter, continue to support the development of world-class architecture. The world’s top luxury watch brands with the world’s most famous architecture BBS marriage. Both sides having exhibition will last three year (2014-2016-2018). In addition, in this exhibition, rolex replica for Daniel Libeskind designed sponsored Venice pavilion, this is called “poetic Babylon” embodies his unique thinking of building.

“At the beginning of the established brand, that leads the rolex forward spirit, precision, high performance and aesthetics, it was all great buildings essential spirit.” Rolex replica director of communications and image Arnaud Boetsch said. “we all pay attention to detail and quality. Like a wrist watch parts, each part of a building can affect the final finish ideal effect.”

Rolex replica and outstanding architect goes very far back in time, can be traced back to the 1960 s. When created, rolex commissioned the Swiss architects Addor, Julliard & Bolliger design its Geneva headquarters in aqua west Asia. In the mid – 1990 – s, as an enterprise development strategy of major adjustment, rolex renovated the headquarters building. Company decided to its Swiss takeover by suppliers, to ensure that its important component wrist replica watches have independent production process. Through vertical integration, watch of wrist of important parts of production line finally focused on the four places in Switzerland. In Geneva, which led to the significant change of aqua, and in the fort Xie Ne and plant utes new two large factories, and finally to the expansion of the factory located in Bern state bill.

In 1997, the rolex replica to entrust the Swiss company Brodbeck – Roulet designed several new buildings in Geneva, and improve production efficiency and ensure excellent working conditions of office space. In other countries and regions, rolex replica sponsor benefit between Bates wrist TAB of the construction of the school (Lititz replica Watches Technicum) training and service center is located in the us-based Pennsylvania state, it shall be the responsibility of the American designer Michael Graves design (1999-2001). Rolex dongyang town is located in Tokyo tower (2002) and in Osaka rolex china-zimbabwe tower (2009) are made by Fumihiko Maki (Fumihiko Maki) design completed. All these buildings show the essence of the preciseness of the industry.

Rolex replica on architecture of the support is embodied in labor chuangyi recommended funding plan. The biennial charity project officially started in 2002. Grasps rolex replica consistent idea – support individual achievement is brand fundamental principle, the programme is committed to the seven arts (including architecture) in the cultivation of the young artists work. Through the arrangement of these artists and art masters of the period of one year cooperation, these talented young people have the opportunity to own career development a key period of learning, creation, and growth.

In the visual art teacher. In 2012, construction officially become the new domain of the plan, by the younger sister island and mentor. At present, the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor served as mentor, his protege is Paraguay architect Gloria Cabral.

Sir Frank Gehry, David Chipperfield, Daniel Libeskind and Rye Nishizawa as the advisory council of the plan. Each annual plan are to form a committee to be responsible for the tutor’s selection. “We are cooperating with Venice architecture biennale showed rolex for unremitting pursuit of excellence and achievement, the contemporary the most outstanding architecture exhibition certainly an illustration of this point.” Arnaud Boetsch said: “in the next few years, we look forward to working with the exhibition of the world’s most prestigious promote partnership.”