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June 18, the world’s largest replica watch maker Swatch Group (Swiss replica watches Group) chief executive Nick, the sea (Nick Hayek) said that due to the high consumer enthusiasm for smart replica watches is not enough, the company currently has no intention to participate in the competition intelligence watches.
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There are rumours that, after samsung electronics and LG electronics, apple also plans to introduce smart rolex replica watches products. The news did not stimulate the swatch to take action. Sea, said: “don’t you see we participate in the competition in the first products. Consumers are still has a lot of resistance, so we will continue to observe.”
Sea, however, said, the company has made a smart replica watches all the technology, he now plans to other company sales components, in a relatively low-key way benefit from this potential technology revolution. At present, the rolex replica watch industry is worth $62 billion. The sea, which did not disclose to the company sales of smart wrist equipment components, but said including a fitness wristbands manufacturer in the United States. , according to the analysis of the smart watch components sales growth will make swatch sales growth of $222 million.
If a surge in demand, swatch is ready to join the competition, through its huge sales network to promote smart replica watches. Sea, said: “I have confidence in the smart rolex replica watches, but it will not become a substitute for the watch. If smart wrist really get product market, we will enter.”
Swatch that the risk of aggressive. A few years ago, swatch had Paparazzi, and Microsoft to launch a wireless data type watch, the new table use Microsoft’s MSN Direct wireless data services, to provide the information such as news, sports, weather and stock price in this paper.
As of the close, swatch in Zurich, Switzerland traded shares rose 0.5% to the Swiss franc. This year, the company’s share price has fallen by 10%, may encounter first annual decline since 2011.
RBC Capital Markets is expected at RBC Capital Markets, if smart watches products, apple’s annual income will increase by $11 billion at most. UBS (UBS) analysts believe that apple will be launched before the end of the smart replica watches products. Apple declined to comment for its product plan.

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