Rolex replica watches to global partners to continue as F1 and competition

Rolex replica(Rolex) announced the second season in 2014, the Rolex will remain as a “primary party programs tournament” (Formula 1 ®) global partners and competition, this undoubtedly reveal Rolex huge input to the motor sports, and the full support of the world’s top sporting events.

In 2014 as a “primary party programs Championship Rolex Australian grand prix” sponsor, Rolex replica to celebrate the season officially kicked off here, and I wish 2014 “the FIA World Championship level party programs (2014 FIA Formula One World Championship) has come to a successful conclusion. The competition big popular with racing fans from all over the world, and this is also a Rolex first appeared in the event of “screen”. Rolex crown logo will appear in the world “tier one party programs tournament” all 19 games grand prix on TV program, to further consolidate the Rolex replica and the global for high-profile sporting events between the relations of cooperation.

In 2014, “the fia world championship level party programs wonderful first three grands prix, exciting, because” level of party programs tournament “has experienced the most significant technological changes in recent years, the introduction of new hybrid technology, it has to do with the spirit of the Rolex constantly strive to break through the technical limit. When the “level of party programs championship” moving to Shanghai, kicked off the 2014 “level of party programs ubs China grand prix” magnificent prelude, Rolex, participating teams, race car driver and car fans around the world all the mood, look forward to experiencing an exciting “the fia world championship level party programs.

Arnaud Rolex replica watches brand communications and image director Mr Boetsch said: “we would be glad to continue in his second season as a” primary party programs championship “global partners, that we have been committed to support the world’s top racing. This long period cooperation will undoubtedly make two giant together hand in hand, within the territory and the two sides have constantly pursue excellence performance, excellent technology and innovation engineering enthusiasm, make the cooperation more of course.”

“Rules of the technical level of party programs championship is going through more than a decade the biggest a revolution. As a” primary party programs tournament “global partner, we would be glad to witness the top racing through the integration of the latest technology, leading the trend of the world motor sport. We will be expecting, closely, because the racing season will bring us a series wonderful game.”

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