How Snoopy Ended Up on an Omega Speedmaster Replica

It is no secret that besides blogging about watches for, I also love to collect watches — especially iconic watches like the Rolex GMT-Master, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Rolex Datejust and, of course, the Omega Speedmaster Professional. I own several of the last model. Ever since I bought my first Speedmaster I have been hooked on this watch. Not only do I love the design of this chronograph; I also like its connection to the Apollo space program.

As you know, Omega has produced quite a few limited editions based on the original Speedmaster Professional. Some like these limited editions, others don’t. However, the fact is that some of these limited editions do appreciate in market value quite well after a few years. One of these models is the Cheap Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional “Snoopy Award.” My professional career started around the time this model was introduced, so it was only a lack of funds that prevented me from buying Speedmaster Snoopy back then. Ever since, I have longed for one, but also noticed that over the years they became increasingly difficult to find, at least for a reasonable price. Recently, I decided to go for it despite the high price. I justified the purchase by telling myself that the longer I’d wait, the more expensive it would get, anyway, right? You can read about the efforts I made to obtain the Speedmaster Snoopy here. After showing my precious new Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster Professional with a Snoopy to some people, a number of them asked why I wanted a cartoon character on the dial of my watch. I was already aware that many people had this perception of the Speedmaster with the Snoopy dial, also given the fact that it was initially sold to a lot of women.

If you are a Omega Replica Speedmaster aficionado as well, and you know a thing or two about the Apollo missions, you probably are already familiar with the use of Snoopy by NASA. In 1968, NASA chose the famous beagle as an icon to act as a sort of “watchdog” over its missions. In the same year, NASA decided to use a sterling silver Snoopy pin as a sign of appreciation to NASA employees and contractors together with a commendation letter and a signed framed Snoopy certificate. Each of the sterling silver Snoopy label pins has been flown during a NASA mission. Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, who created the “Peanuts” comic strip was a supporter of the NASA Apollo missions and agreed to let them use “Snoopy the astronaut” at no cost and even drew the Replica Watches Snoopy figure for the sterling silver label pin.

In 2003, Cheap Omega Speedmaster Replica introduced the Professional “Snoopy Award” to commemorate this 1970 milestone. Although the watch was a limited edition, Omega produced a whopping 5,441 pieces of the Speedmaster Snoopy. The number has to do with the 142 hours, 54 minutes and 41 seconds that the mission lasted. A bit of a stretch, in my opinion, but a nice idea. Omega Replica Watches reason for introducing this watch 33 years after the Apollo 13 mission, and being awarded with the Snoopy, is unknown to me. Based on the brand’s other limited editions, I would have expected such a release on a 30th or perhaps 35th anniversary rather than a 33rd. Despite the relative high number of Snoopy Speedmasters out there, you’ll have to search to find one at a decent price. Also, beware of Omega Replica Snoopy Speedmasters that had the dial and caseback fitted later on.

So now you know. When there is a Snoopy on an Omega Speedmaster dial, it actually means something. In the end, of course, one need not be versed in all this history to purchase and appreciate this watch; one may just be a fan of Snoopy. A review of the Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Snoopy Award’ can be found here. More information about Replica Watches in general can be found on the Speedy Tuesday page on Fratello Watches.

The Omega New Master Chronometer Replica

Cheap Omega Replica undisputed headliner at last year’s Baselworld was the Globemaster, a three-handed watch heavily influenced in its design by the brand’s historical Constellation models and containing its first Master Chronometer movement, Caliber 8900. This year, Omega Replica Watches adds the first complication to the Globemaster line, the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar.

The case of the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar is larger than that of its predecessor — 41 mm in diameter compared to 39 mm — which makes the “reverse pie-pan” dial design, a stylistic nod to those historic Omega Replica Constellation watches, even more prominent. Made of stainless steel, the case has a polished, fluted bezel made of scratch-proof tungsten carbide.

With the dial, Omega Replica Watches introduces an all-new, lustrous gray color with a sunburst finish and numerous blue highlights. The polished hour and minute hands are blued, faceted, and also coated with Super-LumiNova for legibility in low light. Blue is also used for the elegant, cursive text of the 12 month indications, positioned between the hour indices. A center-mounted, varnished blue hand points to the current month and jumps instantaneously when the month changes.
The blue elements also include the polished central seconds hand, the applied Cheap Omega Replica logo and Constellation star, and the writing on the dial, in addition to the blue leather strap with its stainless steel foldover clasp.


An Original Omega Speedmaster Replica Alaska Project

Omega Speedmaster Professional Alaska Project Prototype, Formerly Property Of NASA And The Omega Museum.As I’ve said recently, you kinda have to love the Speedmaster Professional.But if you want to go H.A.M. on the Speedy, there are again several different ways to do so.These six figure pieces are, naturally, the first series reference 2915 pieces. Finding a first first series watch – a 2915-1 – in all original condition is next to impossible, but it happens. The watch Phillips is selling is in fact far rarer than even a 2915-1 in mint condition though, and the cool factor is off the charts.This watch is an actual prototype. Even though NASA had already selected the Cheap Omega Speedmaster  Replica Professional as the official watch of the space program (and indeed it performed admirably) Omega’s engineers were set on building a watch specifically designed for the stars. According to Phillips, Omega began working on a space-specific watch before before the successful landing on the lunar surface in 1969, and developed some truly remarkable watches. I was lucky enough to see the very first “Alaska Project” watch back in 2013, and you can see it here below. The Alaska Project was a code name for the special space program Omega Replica, named as such simply to protect what it was they were working on.

The watch here is in titanium, and it was made back in 1969. Yes, a titanium block with white dial and special sub hands to make it more legible. This watch is what you would call an “Alaska Project I” watch, which is easily the rarest Speedmaster around, though it’s a watch almost entirely unknown to the general public. The original Alaska Project was cancelled in 1971 after two years of research. Alaska Project II would be launched in 1972 with models more in line with the production Cheap Omega Replica Speedmaster, like you see below.The watch you see above is perhaps my favorite of the Alaska Project prototypes – again seen back in 2013 – as it features a case of matte steel, and has a special raised bezel to protect the watch’s crystal.The watches from Alaska Project II did in fact make it to NASA for testing in 1972, and that includes the watch that Phillips will be selling in a few weeks. This specific watch is a more normal 145.022-69 with caliber 861 – no matte steel or titanium case, no raised bezel – but it features the matte zinc-coated white dial, special hands, and of course the amazing red aluminum heat- shield as created by the project for space travel. This very watch was indeed property of NASA for some time, before being sent back to Omega once the project was retired for good. It is also this watch on which Omega Replica Watches built its line of re-edition Alaska Project watches.This special watch is one of just three known complete Alaska II watches, and its provenance is indisputable. From Omega it went to NASA, then directly to the Omega museum for three decades before being sold in Antiquorum’s Omegamania sale in 2007.

The other simply superb Omega in this sale is quite different from the Alaska Project Speedy. The Speedy is very late mid-century, full of scientific firsts and optimism of the space age. The Replica Watches pushes boundaries, and is a product made possible by the practicality and work ethic of the Greatest Generation and the ambition of their children. The other watch comes from 1939, a vastly different time for Europe. Here we see an Omega reference CK2039, which has a simple Calatrava-style case in steel. But what makes this one special is that it features an original sector dial is an enormous 44mm across.What’s more, this watch features an early and rare gilt finished caliber, not often seen in Cheap Omega Replica of the time. Finally, the watch was originally delivered to Poland in 1939, where it spent years on the wrist of a mining engineer before being sold to a watchmaker, whose grandson is the current consignor.What makes this watch so appealing to me is indeed the size and rarity. A 44mm watch produced in the 1930s is crazy, but what elevates it to something I actually want is the originality and honesty of the entire package. It is clear from looking at the dial that it has not been restored or cleaned, and the same goes for the case. Finally, the fact that this Omega Replica Watches has essentially had three owners in the course of its 75-year life, two of whom are related, and all within Poland, the country of original delivery, paints a very compelling picture. Also, consider what was going on in Poland in 1939, versus what was going on in the United States in 1971 when the Alaska Project was delivered to NASA.