Rolex Replica Watches Edition

Rolex replica watches
Rolex replica watches

I get who buys this. The guy who likes to be seen wearing a Rolex replica and known for having a selection of them, but probably couldn’t tell you a thing about them. In fact, he’s the kind of guy that likes the idea of owning quality, but makes fun of people that go on and on about detail. For him, its strictly bragging rights. He’s got oxford shoes in 2 dozen colors by every shoemaker that has a recognizable name. He’s about impressions.

If some people can’t find a Rolex replica they like without changing up the case and dial coloring, then I guess this business will find interested customers. If I were looking for a Rolex replica, I’d find one to my liking; if I didn’t, I’d look at other brands’ offerings. That’s just my preference.

It obviously needs that “Rolex replica watches” tag to justify the price, otherwise they
could just make a watch from scratch. There’s not much Rolex left here –
a badge and an admittedly robust movement. This is just another case of brand snobbery – to show that you can not only afford to buy a Rolex but also to “thrash” it. I don’t see any good explanation why anyone would pick this in favor of a Sinn or Damasko.

“By that token, a one-off piece, a unique model, the rarest of the rare, should be the Holy Grail.”

But these aren’t–this is the horological equivalent of a hooned-up Ferrari. You take a beautiful instrument and apply a bunch of junk and call it a “piece unique.” One man’s treasure is another man’s trash, I suppose.

I’m honestly shocked that Bamford let these pics into the wild–the quality of finishing is well below their standards. The red painted triangle on the Sub’s bezel is just horribly, amateurishly done.

Also not sure what to think of them appropriating the “COMEX”-style logo for the COMMANDO on their dials…

Cheap and sloppy-looking. I don’t Rolex design, there’s no secret about that, but the build quality and finishing was nevertheless top notch. This butchered version ruins that, leaving no reason at all for anyone to buy it. I’ve seen some nice work from Bamford in the past but this is one of the exceptions.

Love the sandwich dials, love the Rolex replica Milgauss, love that the coating has given the case and bracelet a texture for the eye to linger upon. As I look through the auction websites there are god knows how many Rolex replica watches they just lack interest for me. Rolex has become a very high quality ‘landlord beige’. The Bamford website has amazing watches there, and I suspect most people would spend more time there then at the Rolex site. Also if you don’t like the Commando Edition, you can put your money where mouth is…contact Bamford and design your own. Here’s a great one you can look at: