Rolex replica Basel world 2014 new tables debut in Shanghai

From June 28, 2014 to August 3rd, the only global brand Rolex replica is located in Shanghai No. 27 the Bund experience center “Rolex replica world · circles” (The Rolex replica Experience) was presented at the 2014 Basel world replica watches and Jewellery Fair grand launch classic oyster series new replica watches and all new Cellini replica watches, this is not only the traditional dress table given Rolex’s exclusive characteristic, and used in a contemporary style. In a month of the exhibition, the public will have the chance to close viewing these new wrist replica watches. “Rolex replica world,” which enjoy the space covers an area of over 800 square meters, set the brand history, sponsorship and classic replica watches exhibition display and sales, this exhibition agglomeration Rolex replica classical inheritance style of be worthy of the name, bring the annual new appreciation and a full range of interactive brand experience for the public.

Rolex replica presents new Cellini replica watches series, highlight the traditional classical style and eternal elegance with contemporary spirit. This new series is composed of 12 classical pieces, each set of professional technology and sophisticated technology in one, fully displays the Rolex replica watchmaking tradition of meaningful. With concise and elegant lines, noble magnificent material, modification and delicate and luxurious, all the details are in line with the tabulation process rules.

All new Cellini replica watches are equipped with extremely precise automatic winding mechanical movement, all by the observatory certified chronometer and made by Rolex replica. Cellini series can be divided into three categories, each with four to 18CT WHITE GOLD or Eternal Rose Gold replica watches. Cellini Time is a model of classical tabulation; and Cellini Date by pointer dial Deputy add calendar function. Finally, Cellini Dual Time can display the time of two time zones. As the most pure traditional style, Cellini replica watches with bright black crocodile leather strap, and is equipped with 18ct . Cellini replica watches completely incarnation as a guardian of time, it is a symbol of luxury style, embody the extraordinary value of life art.
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Only for the "fast and furious" timing

All racing fans just heard di take place that will spirit does it one brace up, as table fans heard the rolex oyster type wrist of inner feelings. And when was born in 1963, the rolex replica oyster type motion type meter di tong universe with wrist 50th anniversary exhibition to Shanghai bund, the worship of the speed and passion is unprecedented climax. As Formula one championship (Formula 1) global partners, rolex replica and motor sports friendship can be traced back to the hero coming out in the 1960 s.

In 1963, the rolex replica for racer introduced a new generation of timing wrist – universal type meter (Cosmograph) wrist replica watches. In 1965, the universe type wrist replica watches further evolution, to screw-plug timing button to replace the original pump button. Screw-plug button for oyster type watchcase concept make the finishing point, can let a button from accidentally press. To reveal reinforced waterproof performance, on the surface of the brand in the word “Cosmograph” (the universe) before more engraved on the “Oyster” (Oyster type wrist replica watches). Velocimeter outer cover with elegant black Plexiglas plexiglass coating, while white scale to read more clearly, to become a landmark new feature of wrist replica watches.

Then a lot of new surface model is launched, one is called “Paul Newman” (Paul Newman) on the surface of the design is rapidly worldwide fame. All because of the famous American movie star has a classic American male figures and a race car driver, often wearing a di tong wrist replica watches. He loved the surface design can make the wearer in the formidable racing environment clear when reading. In 1988, brand and continue to launch powerful movement type 4030. In addition to other functions, is more equipped with rolex replica “heart” – with variable inertia balance balance wheel, trimming nut and breguet type balance spring balance swing component and have the brand in 1931, the invention of the motion of pendulum tuo automatic chain components. replica watches of wrist of improvement is not limited to technology level, the redesigned version of the 1988 meter type for the universe di tong with wrist laid the foundation now beyond the elegant style; Rolex replica launched in 2000 to deduce the universe meter type di of wrist replica watches, not only inherits the first in the history of the universe meter type wrist replica watches upsurge, more led the timing wrist replica watches fashion in the future.

When it comes to the legendary status in the history of wrist fake watch in the car, have to admire the brand name of superior. Rolex replica watches of wrist of the classic series is named from Florida di tong city (Daytona). Di tong city with straight long beach, since 1903 has become a legend of all create a land speed record. The first mainland “di tong” (Daytona Continental) was held in 1962, only a year later, rolex replica is launched the universe type di of wrist fake watch, almost with event was born at the same time. And since then has been between the two dies. In 1992, the rolex replica named sponsored “di tong 24-hour endurance race” (24 Hours of Daytona), officially established cooperative relations of the two, and competition has been renamed as “rolex di tong 24-hour endurance race”. The America’s oldest and most prestigious tournament kick off for The international racing quarter, and fans affectionately referred to as “The Rolex replica” (Rolex replica car). Sir Malcolm Campbell (Sir Malcolm Campbell) since 1930 was wearing rolex replica oyster type wrist fake watch. In 1935, he at bonneville salt flats to drive the famous “bluebird” chariot, for the first time to break the record at speeds of up to 300 miles (482 km/h), known as the “king of speed” and George v conferment. Campbell this record, rolex replica oyster type wrist fake watch also in its by the wrist, he therefore become rolex replica in motor racing first brand spokesperson. Including 1962 first di tong with endurance race champion Dan Sir Henry Gurney (Dan Gurney), in 1968 the all-around champion Vic al ford (Vic Elford), won the greatest number of di tong took tournament champion driver Hurley, Heywood (Hurley Haywood) and endurance race record holder Tom christensen (Tom Kristensen), race car driver for this table won the winner’s aura.
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Intelligence of rolex replica watches

Raise out an online these two days the controversial smart replica watches, impressively write with sapphire mirror, Swiss replica watches movement, stainless steel watch case bracelet… But the price is only 980, and more excessively is that it must delivery commitment on June 16th, it makes some colleagues doubt its feasibility, such a high standard configuration, the characteristics of the whole solar power, is just two months to get success?
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With full of doubt, small make up one of met Tinsee days Zhang Pengcheng, say hello after I asked him directly, sell 980 is not a loss this rolex replica watch? And let me surprise, for he was very bright and clear, “don’t lose don’t lose, we will control the cost.”
But selling point? “We watch with solar power combining traditional button battery, at any time without charge; the other mirror material fully use foreign watch material, ready to make a buy costly feeling.”
I asked him how do you ensure quality and delivery date on the raise. He said there was a partner in four watches before do OEM OEM, he is responsible for monitoring the watch material and production schedule, then I probably understand why they can afford, promised delivery within two months, all of this he is in a planned way, why use a sapphire, Swiss replica watches movement of these parts, a contract such as fox conn level, from procurement to delivery has strong control. And a clock with 20 years experience, head of the OEM even if again, and so to fix the purchase and production of a watch or do not have what matter.
Zhang Pengcheng himself, however, in China duty free group worked for three years, in the industrial design industry for two years, he has made a 3 d glasses in private, though has turned 30, but never give up their ideals, always think to do their own thing, and firmly believe that: a lot of people don’t wear things on the wrist not because don’t want to wear, but it is not good enough!
“I put the replica watch users located in ‘the striver'”, they need not very rich, but they are in the struggle, they needed a philosophy of life – it’s about health concerns time, they can in the state of combining exertion and rest from further success.
Finally, by the end of the day before yesterday watch formally on the net, raise four partners have spent their can spend money in, but now they just want to conscientiously prepare project can obtain the user’s recognition, and then sent to the user’s hand after two months. They promise they can cash, if there are care about, can further understanding.