Need not take off the old Rolex rplica watches can also enjoy the intelligence

Intelligent watch is the temptation, but for many people, this means they have to pick the old Rolex rplica watches traditional, elegant, this is a painful decision, but also prevent many users into wearable field. Faced with this dilemma, Glance may be a good solution.![rolex replica][1]
“We think we need a product, not only can work together and traditional watches, while providing a smart Rolex rplica watches function.” Glance designer Ali Nawab told Fast Company, “a smart device should not aesthetic interference watches, besides those watches you have worn for a long time.”
In a user study, Nawab found that a considerable part of the target population has traditional Rolex rplica watches, they are very satisfied, do not need to change. So they designed this Glance “embedded” scheme, an available strap fixed small parts, while retain the user wearing traditional Rolex rplica watches habits, bring the intelligent function.
The function of Glance and the other wearable devices with similar, is a common sensor. Measurable movement and the rest, to connect to the Android, iOS mobile phone via bluetooth. It is equipped with a OLED display, can display caller, the content of the message, the user can set the blacklist, quick reply message etc..
Glance last about a week, also support the waterproof, find the mobile phone function, have 3 dimensions, expected to be shipped in October this year, is currently Kickstarter fundraising.
In addition, it also has great scalability, by implanting Unity3D plug-in, can become a gesture controller, the gesture operation of TV equipment. They provide SDK, open the API, these functions can be used for third party hardware and software.
Glance the price is very cheap, you can get a minimum of $70. But I was worried about whether it will be dropped, after all, many people watch wearing loose, in addition, it’s appearance is questionable.

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