If you can only buy a replica watch

If one life can only buy a replica watch, how would you choose? There are many things like, but just let you pick a table fan, it is really a very cruel proposition. But to the cruel cruel, there are also fun side: This is the best test of your table values!
![replica watches][1]
My first thought was not PP, not Rolex replica watch. But the altar table legend he Philippe Dufour Simplicity. In fact, this sentence itself is faulty wording: “not PP or Rolex”, said the first feeling first think of the brand or the two kings, but thinking of a specific table but a second devolution, probably because the good stuff too much, but not concentrated on specific reason, replica watches, to I most love, is Simplicity.
He one tab, orders already exceed production capacity, so a few years ago will not accept any new orders, the rest of one’s life can finish delivery even over existing orders, then he died? Even if the perfect polish can prolong the life greatly, but as long as the mechanical replica watches, there are bad times, there will always be needed maintenance day? Thirty or forty years after this table if bad, just a little way is gone?! If the life only buy one, so think about it, perhaps going back to Patek Philippe.
Well, finally won the Rolex. As long as you like, any piece of Rolex replica.
If the life only to buy a table is related to money, so my answer ultimately selected: any piece of steel, Rolex replica!

[1]: http://uswatch.b2bshoponline.com/watch/119260/1.png”>