Will someone buy smart rolex replica watches?

An advantage Microsoft smart rolex replica watches the rumors of the intelligent mobile phone, users need not be pulled out to display information. The user can directly start the application in the intelligent watch. Even if the mobile phone still is put in the pocket, Microsoft smart watch users can also use intelligent mobile phone strong processing ability. Experts think, the recent developers will Microsoft development and application of intelligent watch. For example, using integrated sensors in intelligent watch, heart disease patients to monitor their heart rate.
Intelligent watch market?
Market research firm Next Market predicted, smart rolex replica watches strong growth in the field of children and healthy lifestyle, will pull the smart watch shipments by more than 373000000 this year 15000000 growth to 2020. Next Market thinks, smart rolex replica watches will become a huge business opportunities — even in the watch users only moderate rate.
A promising future
Although smart watch supports multiple platforms may be detrimental to Microsoft software ecosystem, but in business is very important to Microsoft. By the end of this year Windows Phone share in the global intelligent mobile phone market is only 3.5%, Android will dominate the intelligent mobile phone market with a 80.2% share of the market. Microsoft need to transition to the service provider. Intelligent watch for fitness enthusiasts and heart disease patients to attractive. But the bigger picture is, the intelligent watch integrated with cardiac monitoring instrument, Microsoft may take into the consumer health field.
Competitors have?
The Samsung smart rolex replica watches market overlord. The first 3 months of this year — Gear 2, Gear Fit and Gear Neo published before, Samsung sold about 500000 smart watch. Industry sources, Samsung is currently in the development of “a new generation of intelligent watch”. In addition some of the media reports, new generation intelligent watch with Galaxy Note 4 bundle.
Apple executives about the release of rolex replica watches message in the world this year developers. Apple announced the iOS 8 operating system, which contains a suitable for smart rolex replica watches functions. Apple has also recently announced HealthKick application, involved in health tracking.
Microsoft into wearable equipment market to make money, it will support the competitor’s platforms, to expand the potential target market. Microsoft into the mobile market some time later, but in the field of wearable devices are not. Wearable device market is still in the early stages of development, Microsoft go in now is not late. Wearable device market is enough big, can occupy a space for one person Microsoft smart rolex replica watches in the market.
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