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Replica watches Star back injury

Brazil local time 14 days of the four group games, including three games have’s back injury, they are Columbia’s star Falco, Uruguay team, Italy team striker Suarez and general Buffon.

Columbia team, team Italy defeated opponents. But the lack of Suarez’s Uruguay team struggling, was kicked out of the 3:1 Costa rica. “Sue God” Wu face sitting on the bench, 4 years ago, he is the team reached the semi-finals.

“Suarez is the dream of all the team forward, but he is still unable to return to the stadium.” In 4 days after the arch rival England, Uruguay coach Tavares conceal his disappointment.

The Favourite rolex replica of the world cup fans

The Replica watches doctor was injured

Local time 14 days, one of the wounded in England and Italy in the team competition, he is the main value of doctor Gary lieven. He has 30 years of experience, because of an ankle injury, was sent back to England for emergency.

Levin back injury a “direct” relationship with the game. The high-profile “Anglo Italian war”, the Italy team was the first to break, but the England team in the two minutes immediately with color. See goals, Levin excitedly jumps, but to step into the water bottle on the floor. He had to “get out” principal value doctor post, hurry the end of their world cup.

Levin’s love of football fans to get praised. People pay attention to, the famous doctor once in the League to maintain Terry’s life, Eduardo Silva’s legs, Da Wei locust tongue.

Rolex replica Fans sad
Replica watches online sale

England ace Rooney fans but also sad. The three session of the world cup, 680 minutes of playing time, when Rooney was waiting for his first World Cup goal, “rookie” teammate Sturidge took just 37 minutes to have got one’s wish.

The England team on the same day by 1:2 not enemy Italy team, mediocre Rooney became “punching bag”. Broadcasting British Corporation launched an investigation, 45% fans in the next game abandoned Rooney.

While the 1:5 miserably lost to Holland team’s defending champions Spain, Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas stepped down, let a person simply “have internal injuries”. (end)

The Favourite rolex replica of the world cup fans

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